Must Reads.

Dear Reader,

It is my prayer that you will share these posts with those for whom they seem most poignant.  That you will ask your daughters and sisters and mothers to read them.  That you will ask your husbands and brothers and sons to consider them.  That you will find hope and inspiration and the knowledge that you are not alone.  It is my hope that this will be the case with all of my posts, but I know that not everything will resonate with everyone.  Not everything can be as important to each person - but if you read no others - if you simply glance over the site and decide that perhaps it is not so important - it is my hope that you will read these.  It is with trembling hands and great love for the women in my life and women around the world that I give you the posts listed below.

Sincerely yours,

Missy Bell (writer)

The Butt Grabbing Phase

When the Rules Change

Stop It

Letter to a Young Girl

How to Save Our Daughters

Redefined Beauty 

Defining Normal 

On Bullying

99 Ways to Please Your Man

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