About Juliet.

Redefined Juliet started with a question: Juliet's Question in Act 2 of the famous play:

"Dost thou love me?"

Her question has been the question asked by women since the dawn of creation, and we continue to ask it today.

Redefining Juliet is about becoming more than a question. It's about understanding that we've been asking the wrong person. That we are more than an object. That we are more than a magazine cover or the clothes on our back. That we were created to inspire, to mystify, to add beauty to a world of ugliness and destruction. That we are beautiful because we are women. We don't have to do anything to make ourselves beautiful. We already are. It's about respect, and what it means to find true love. It's about how we deserve better than an image placed on us by a twisted society. It's about how women should band together instead of competing with each other, and about how, when it comes down to it, we should be taking our question to God.

It's not the make-up or the hairstyle or the designer fashion that makes the woman. It's her life. Her beauty. Her femininity. Her honesty with the world... and with herself.

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