Friday, November 2, 2012

Games for Girls.

I've been wondering what in the world my next topic here at RJ would be.

I have been intentionally avoiding the election, which may be to my detriment as a blogger, but I've learned that you can't really change anyone's mind about politics once they've made it up.  I'm happy to give you the run down on my voting thoughts if you comment and tell me that's something you want - if not - then I'll just keep on avoiding that subject all together...  I think we're all a little tired of political rants and ads.

So today, instead, we are talking about video games.  Specifically those online.

My son was asking for a few new battle type games to play that would be appropriate for his age group, so I typed in "games for boys" and tons of sites appeared.  I scrolled through, found one with a wide variety of topics from which to choose, and let him have at.  Soon, of course, his sister arrived on the scene, and asked for a special website with Games for Girls.

The site for boys included battle games, adventure games, war games, puzzle games, educational games, painting games, and all sorts of other cool stuff.

The sites for girls?

Well...  it was tough for me to get past the game found on the majority of the girl game sites called "Kiss me Softly" - where you get "love points" for having your character find the boy character on the cruise ship and kiss him.  More points for a lengthier kiss.  The Girl's Games site also included games about cooking...  and another game about "Making Over" school pictures - change the nerd into the popular girl with just a few clicks!

Of course I was outraged.

I didn't know what to say to my four year old daughter about the subject matter presented, or how disappointed I was.  Next to the cupcake decorating game was a game about losing weight.  More games about body image.  Bratz Kissing Contest... the list goes on.

The message on all of these websites (and I perused MANY)?

A girl's job is to be prettier, kiss better, and be more popular than all the other girls.  Oh, and we threw in one or two puzzle games in case you actually feel the need to exercise your brain...and some cooking games in case you want to further impress your prince by baking him a pie!

I just don't get it.

Girls love adventures.  Where are the quest games?  The mazes?

I get that many girls are interested in fashion and decorating castles.  Include those too, please.  But let's get rid of the nerd to popular school picture.  I could write several entries about that game alone.  And seriously?  The kissing games?  Gag me with a plastic spoon.

It's tough enough for young women out there withOUT games where your value is decided by how long you can hold a kiss with a boy on a cruise ship.

Know some video games that are awesome for girls?  List them in the comment section and tell me why I should check them out. Oh, and if you're interested in my thoughts about the election, post that in the comments section too  :)

So far, we love:

Brave (for Wii)
and Dora The Explorer (for PC)


Mari said...

We generally avoided those "girl game" sites like the plague for exactly the reasons you mention. Squick! Instead we tend to go with non-gender-specific games like Oregon Trail (can be played online for free these days - just Google it) and EdHeads and Lemonade Stand games and the like. We also played a lot of very cheap older games on disc like Zoo Tycoon, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Petz, etc. Most of them we picked up for $5 or less at Walmart 5-10 years late although these days most are available even cheaper at Steam, Good Old Games, and other digital sites.

Oh, which reminds me of another great game site to check out that's not high on the sexism front: Big Fish Games. They have "girl" games like Chocolatier that, yes, features yummy chocolates but is a light strategy game with occasional bouts of arcade-action. They also have a pretty neat series of puzzle and adventure games like Samantha Swift and The Odyssey - Winds of Athena.

Missy said...

Thanks, Mari! We usually stick to gender neutral sites as well, but today she requested a special site just for girls, so I tried it out.

Missy said...

We also enjoy the Magic Treehouse games online and Animal Jam.

Sara Cooking Games said...

Hello, Missy
i like your blog and also like this girls game post :)

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