Friday, September 7, 2012

New Stuff.

So you may (or may not) have noticed the cool new stuff here at R.J.

I've got a new clickable tab at the top of the page called "Blog Love."  It's a place where you can go to grab a super cool button to slap on your blog or page or add to your blogroll to show your love and support for Redefined Juliet.  

There's also a button there on the right sidebar that links up to the same page, in case you are all the way down there when you decide you've just got to have an R.J. button at your place!

We've also changed some of the layout and the header at the top of the page.  Special thanks to my husband and layout specialist, Michael Bell.  You can find him at our family business: ArtsVine

Finally, I've got a link-up to an amazing organic life-coach for amazing opportunities focused on women who are looking to stop drifting through life and start living life.  I've talked about The Organic Sister here before, but now you can click on her button to check out The Organic Tribe every time you visit R.J.  Anything you buy from her site through my link gives me a little kick-back on sales percentage, so it would be awesome if you choose to buy from Tara (The Organic Sister), if you would click through me. 

Thanks, everyone!

Enjoy all the new stuff! 

Updated merch. is next on the list.

Hope your weekend is fab.

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