Monday, July 2, 2012

On Romance.

This morning I chatted with my mom on the phone about Brave and my previous entry regarding it.

It was interesting that she asked me "Don't you think there should be any romance at all in life?"

And she got that from my Brave post, so I figured I should clarify my thoughts on the issue.

I absolutely think there should be romance in life.

I also think that romance can come from two sources.

1.  God

2.  A partner.

I think a lot of women miss out on the God part of romance - not realizing that it's a possible thing, or thinking it's a totally weird thing.

God made us women.  He understands that our hearts want... and NEED to be romanced.  And he is in the business of winning our hearts.  Look around you at this beautiful creation.  See it as a gift from a lover, and be in AWE of what God will do for you.

For Quality Time - He is constantly and unconditionally available.
For Physical Touch - He can provide a powerful presence when you will present him with your time - when you will show up to meet with him.
For Acts of Service - he meets your needs.  He sends rain to water your garden.  He answers our most intimate prayers.
For Words of Affirmation he provides the scriptures with all of his promises.
For Gifts - look around you at this beautiful creation.  Note when a flock of birds flies overhead or a dolphin leaps from the ocean and you feel it is just for YOU.  That's because it IS.

There are no accidents.

I believe that God is wild.  A warrior.  A king.  And tender - a shepherd of sheep.  He helps the ewe to birth the lamb.  He understands us because he made us.  No one could understand us better - and isn't that what we long for?

As for the partner.

Bottom line.

Not every woman wishes for a partner.

There are women who are gifted with singleness and thank God for those women!  Those who are able to devote their lives to serving Him!  To embarking on great adventures across the world or across their town.  The women who have nothing to hold them back from hiking the Appalachian Trail solo or with a friend.  Who can go to the movies whenever they want.  Who can spend extra time at the office if it's something they love.  Who can go to the bathroom without a child pounding down the door.  Bless those women!

For those of us who DO wish for a partner - who are constantly planning our wedding from the time we reach the age of four.  Those of us who cannot fathom a life alone.  Those who long most to be mothers and have families...  We ought to be romanced like crazy by the person with whom we choose to spend our lives.

A life partner is not something to be taken lightly, however.  It's not about a handsome prince who you barely know kissing you and waking you up and wedding bells ringing instantly.  A life partner is someone with whom you will share this great adventure of life.

A life partner is someone who should understand what it means to be there for you no matter what.  A life partner, according to Scripture, should love us as Christ loves the Church.  And Christ loves the church fiercely.  He romances her back to him when she feels like straying.  He laid down his life for her.

If the person you're considering spending your life with isn't ready to lay down his life for you, then you need to re-think your choice.

That's why I like Brave.

Merida doesn't say she never wants to be married.  She said she isn't ready.

That's not the same thing.

AND - having the wisdom to know you aren't ready might be the highest wisdom you can have when faced with these decisions.

Merida's father says that he wants the person who marries his daughter to "win her heart" - and that is exactly what romance means.

For more on God's romancing, see the book of Hosea and pick up a copy of the book, Captivating.

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