Monday, July 30, 2012

30 Lessons From Mom

I've been thinking a lot about my mom lately.  It's funny, our mother-daughter relationship has had it's rocky moments, but now that I'm a mom myself, I consider her one of my very best friends.  The lessons below are things that she didn't necessarily say out loud.  She didn't have to.  Love you, Mom!

1.  Have a bird bath in your yard.

2.  Learn the names of the birds that visit.

3.  Treat yourself.

4. Drink something hot on a stressful afternoon.

5.  Only buy things that make you happy.

6.  Send thank-you cards.

7.  Remember the birthdays of the people you love.

8.  Keep traditions.

9.  Shower in the morning.

10.  Be on time.

11.  Keep appointments.

12.  Finish what you start.

13.  Eat supper together.

14.  Establish a routine.

15.  Eat lunch.

16.  Get excited for your kids.

17.  Give gifts.

18.  Make a grocery list.

19.  Stick to your budget.

20.  Dress nicely for special occasions.

21.  Don't beat around the bush.

22.  Use lotion.

23.  Use sunscreen.

24.  Tie your shoes.

25.  Be kind to animals.

26.  Dump mean boys, but don't be mean about it.

27.  Keep your home sacred.

28.  Take your days off.

29.  Give outside workers cold drinks in hot weather.

30.  Treat children as equal persons.

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