Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Play the Piano.

I'm sitting in my studio listening to my husband's EP.  I have it on infinite repeat because of the little sign on my desk that says "You're listening to  ----->" and sits next to a small stack of CDs.  On the album, there is a song called "You and Me".  The Hubby wrote it for me and used it to propose to me.  It's a beautiful piece.  He asked me to play the piano with him on the album, and I sing a brief harmony.  When I hear it from the CD speakers... it evokes:

There is no way to see it not

You wait forever, it seems, to find the one person you can call another piece of you...
A whole half.  Crescents and slivers aside - half of the whole.

It  makes you just one thing, and two at once, your souls sing
Rising above your heads and twining together, leaving glittery trails of one inside the other

The music wafts from the speakers and all I see is an old Thrift Store couch and
Soft but dingy carpet and tilted ceilings and high windows - dark, black speakers
Soft, pink, sunset lighting and incandescent lamps. 

There have been very few times in my life when I have felt surprised.

I still haven't told you that I heard the message you left on my father's cell phone - I heard it ring, and I thought I knew that today was the day.

It's why my face fell so far, so hard when you handed me a CD instead of a ring and I tried to be brave and
Acted happy and insisted that we listen to it all the way through and right away: ruining your plans that I'm still not clear on.

I hear your voice now like I heard it then, but mine mingled with it - simple tune, simple harmony
Our simple, complex lives
And I feel my fingers gracing the piano so gently
My heart aching with longing as I play the notes I heard on your heart when you knelt and fell and we laughed
And you slipped the ring on my finger.

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