Wednesday, July 13, 2011

From my friend, J.

My friend, J____ and I were messaging back and forth about various and sundry topics on facebook, and she messaged this to me...  I thought it was pretty rad.

I was really thinking about you yeserday--well, you and Juliet Redefined... It just bothers me how sexualized out culture is, a theme I remembered you blogged about...--Anyway, it was really making me sad, even angry... that the menatlity is that a person must look a certain way, or be a certain age to wear a particular type of bathingsuit... Ugh. In protest today; I'm wearing a tiny bikini, yes, so I can get sunshine on my excema, w/ mommy-belly and celulite to match... simply to play w/ my kids, exercise, and enjoy life and all the blessings in it!

Rock on, J____!

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