Monday, May 2, 2011

Ha! It IS Monday!

Today is ACTUALLY Monday and I remembered to post something inspiring on Monday.


(Yes, I feel very proud of myself, thank you very much.)

Things that are inspiring me today:


My beautiful daughter.  She's three today. 

Yesterday we had the most wonderful birthday party at a local beach with my husband, son, and in-laws.  It was so lovely to sit in the breeze and have a picnic and walk along the beach and run through the grass and push my little girl on the swings.  There is truly nothing like a daughter. 

2.  My own space. 

I'll be setting up shop at the local Arts Center to peddle my artistic wares and some of my poetry.  I'll also be using the space to teach acting classes for all ages and art classes for preschoolers.  Some of my photography that will be for sale and on display in the gallery (shots from yesterday at the beach):

3.  Our family will very soon be at our first Unschooling Conference!  I don't talk much about unschooling around here, but for more information, you can visit my other blog:  The Adventure Mobile:  Questions before Breakfast.

4.  My husband.

This is a pic of him at the beach, at my three year old daughter's party - donning a princess tiara because she wanted him to play.  I think it's a bit small...  which explains the pained expression as he forces it onto his head - lol - but I can't say enough about what an amazing dad he is - and how much he loves his kids and me.  I'm also pretty in awe of him for following his dreams with his music.  It's been a tough road so far - it's hard to make time for gigs and scrape money together for merchandise, but we're getting through and he's keeping his head up.

5.  These cookies.

6.  This book

7.  Following this guy on twitter. 

8.  My awesome community of believers.  I might find the time to do an entire blog about what I experienced last night and on Easter Sunday with The Refinery Community, my church family, but for now, I just want to say that our church service was an Easter potluck.  We set up a table in the middle of the sanctuary and we all sat around it.  We had real conversation.  When the pastor shared the message it was from the table, and we were able to respond.  We shared food and drink and laughter.  It was a picture of The Kingdom, and I am so thankful to have been there.

9.  Silly bands.  I can't help it.  I love them.  I'm wearing one right now.

10.  My son.  He is unabashedly himself, even when it scares him.

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