Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Inspired Monday...wait...

I made it!  I am actually writing an Inspiration Monday blog on Monday!

It is also No Make-up Monday.  Which, for those of you who don't know, is a day to just not wear make-up, and see what happens.  Will anyone notice?  (If you don't usually wear make-up anyway, then this isn't so much fun for you...sorry about that.)

Okay.  SO.  Inspiration Monday!  Here I am!

I had the greatest weekend of all time.

I know.  It sounds exaggerated.

But it is not.

So here are all of the weekend happenings that are still inspiring me today!

1.  My husband and I went to a local coffee shop for a date night on Friday.  It was so nice to be together and talk without interruption.  We stayed for 2.5 hours and it felt like twenty minutes. We haven't had a real date in months.  We MUST do it more often.

2.  I went to a Women's Wellness clinic at my church on Saturday morning.  It wasn't really a lot of new information, but it was really good for me to hear AGAIN that it is really good to take time for yourself.  It isn't selfish if it makes you a better person when you come back to your family and friends.

3.  Sunday.  I went to Vinyasa Flow Yoga.  It was fantastic and wonderful and amazing.  It was my second "flow" class, and it was just as great as the first one, maybe even better, because I knew what to expect and my body was much more cooperative.  I'm having trouble walking now...but it's worth it!

4.  My husband took the kids to the local Earth Day Celebration after my yoga class.  I hung out at the new Arts Center in town to hand out fliers for the acting class I'll be teaching this summer.  It's a Movement Class - always therapeutic, fun, and useful.

5.  We went out for Mexican as a family after the Earth Day Celebration.  I love going out to eat.  And I love hanging with the fam.

6.  We had an amazing service at The Refinery Sunday evening.  We sang hymns without instruments and had a brief Tenebrae Service and our pastor taught about the crucifixion.  I was wowed to hear about the dual meaning of some of Jesus's final words from the cross.  When he cried out "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" he was referencing Psalm 22.  In Hebrew culture at the time, most everyone had the scriptures memorized.  When a rabbi wanted to reference a specific passage, he would call out the first line of the passage, and everyone would automatically know to what he was referring.  Jesus was doing this from the cross.

It was also interesting to really think about how tall the cross was, and how close indeed people were to the face of Christ as he was hanging there.  Since the cross was only about eight feet tall, and the head of a crucified person would be hanging far below his arms, Jesus would have been able to look into the faces of those at the crucifixion, including his mother.

7.  After The Refinery my husband and I discussed the possibility of me acquiring one of the studios at the arts center to do my art, writing, and teaching.  I was so excited I didn't but about three hours Sunday night.  I've since realized that I will probably be unable to commit the hours required of the artists to be in their studios, but it was a lovely thought, and something I will be keeping in the back of my mind for the future.

8.  ...whoa...I just realized...today is Tuesday...did I miss all of yesterday?  No, no...I taught an acting class last night and we did the farmer's market and went to the local organic market and got some local honey and organic lollypops and medicinal tea for my son's asthma.  Yesterday was fantastic and I didn't even realize it happened!

Energy giving activities - doing things about which we are passionate, that get us jazzed - when we do these things on a regular basis, even sleep becomes optional.  Today is one of those days where I quite simply love my life.


Jeff said...

Question on #6: Jesus's words were in Aramaic- but scriptures were in Hebrew. Would that have mattered?

Missy said...

The pastor mentioned that the words were in Aramaic - I don't think it would have mattered. Especially not after checking the actual reference - it seems pretty intentional to me.

Missy said...

Happy to ask the pastor his opinion on the matter.

Missy said...

Asked him, because I was super curious too. Here's his response:

"In common course (everday life), Jesus most likely spoke Aramaic. Its not a stretch to see him quote from the Psalms or other OT Scripture that way. In other places where he quoted Old Testament explicitly (Temptation story, confrontations with Pharisses, etc) it would only make sense that he would quote in Aramaic - the language of his day. That's what he did at the crucifixion as well.

The Hebrew Bible was read in Synagogue in Hebrew but was often quoted in everyday life in Greek (for those who spoke it - famously in Alexandria, for example) or in Aramaic.

One more thought. If Jesus wasn't quoting the Psalm and was just crying out to God he would have used his usual address for the father: Abba. For Jesus to address the Father as "My God" is atypical. He doesn't do that anywhere else that I can remember. For the simple reason that the Father ISN'T HIS GOD. Just a thought. Hope all this helps."

Jeff said...

Okay, that makes sense- although I do think the father was still His God- but you would expect the use of "Abba" in such a cry.

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