Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hair Today...

So I've decided, pretty much definitely, that I'm giving up cutting my hair for Lent.

I know.  It's seems sort of trite, but I need a reason and the whole reason I'm thinking about growing my hair back at all has to do with God.

I know.  Weirdness.

But I really feel called to grow my hair back, at least for a season.  I don't need to know the reason, I just need to know it's something I'm supposed to do. 

I know it's not me - because I LOVE my hair this way and honestly would keep it this way forever - but something in me, a Little Voice, says - grow your hair out.  Just do it.  It's important.

Maybe it's just an act of obedience.

I'm okay with that.

I'll be growing the stuff during Lent and then I think I'll have a better idea of what's going on.  Is this really a God thing, or is this a whacko me thing?  Is this something necessary and important for a long season, or just a short one? 

And, right now, I'm thinking that the goal will be dreads.

I know.  Tons of you have already told me that dreads are a bad idea.  I've heard stinky.  I've heard racist.  I've heard gross.  I've heard I'll never be able to take them out - but c'mon, I already shaved my head once - if I don't like them, I'll just do it again! 

And stinky - really?  All the dreadies I know WASH their dreads.

And racist?  I've heard that white people shouldn't have dreads. 

I find this supremely interesting.   People of all cultures and races have sported dreads.  Maybe it's just where we live, but I know tons of people, white people, in the U.S. who have dreads for a myriad or reasons, not to mention all of my Celtic ancestors, who are documented as having dreads pretty much since the dawn of time.  I don't want to offend anyone with my hair choices.  I've done enough of that, but I think this particular grievance is really unfounded.  Maybe some feel that white people look dumb with dreads.  I'm okay with that notion.  People think people look dumb on a regular basis and across the board.  I don't really care if you think I look dumb.  But please don't think I'm stealing someone's culture - I'm actually looking back at my own.

I've heard a lot about dreads.  Done a ton of research on dreads.  And when it comes right down to it I think this might be one of those things I just have to do.  Have to try.  It's not just about my Celtic roots, which are important to me, especially since my excursion to Ireland in 2001, it's also about exploring this other side of myself that I'm just beginning to unearth. 

Hair communicates a lot for me.

I think it does for all women. 

There are things that I simply love when it comes to hair.

My shaved head.  I think it can be really elegant on a woman.

Long naturally gray hair.  I don't think there is anything much more beautiful when it comes to hair.

Long dreads.  They make such a personal statement.  I love how they look on both women and men of all races.

Hair with purple streaks.  This has been a fascination for me since high school.

What does your hair say about you?


James LePore said...

Interesting post today (well, they're always interesting). I share your love for purple streaks. Not sure why, but to me it seems almost cartoonish, carefree, ethereal, and wonderful. While I will miss your current hairstyle, anything would look good on you, and will just be another stop on the magical journey that is Missy Bell.

Missy said...

Thanks so much, James! So great to have a comment from you!

Chelsea said...

Dreads actually don't have to be cut out when you are done with them either! You just need a lot of time, some leave in conditioner (a huge bottle) and some patience and you can go from dreads to regular in a few hours if need be.

I cut my hair mostly because it was so damaged from being dyed EVERY week a different color. I made a bet with my self when I cut it that I wouldn't cut or dye it for 1 year. So far so good. It's coming in thick and shiny, something that hasn't happened in ages.

Missy said...

Sweet deal, Chelsea! Have you had dreads?

Heather MacQ said...

I almost had dreads one summer in high school. I refused to comb my hair, and between the chlorine and sun, my hair was very dread like, except i always pulled it into a bun becaue it was such a mess, and well, my parents weren't too happy about it either. It was a wonderful time!

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