Friday, December 10, 2010

Decision Points.

Okay - so I haven't received a submission for The Mirror Project for two Fridays now, so I'm thinking instead of pigeon holing myself into having to either post a photograph for the project or write about the fact that I don't have a photograph for the project, I'll just leave you, my readers, with the knowledge that if I get a submission for the project, you will see it on a Friday - if I don't - I'll blog about something else, or I'll take the day off (!) - much like today, though I suppose you could still consider it Friday, even though the sun is long down.

I'm trying to look at the days from a more Jewish perspective lately.'s Saturday now, and it doesn't matter if I post about The Mirror Project at all, except that I was neglectful of a somewhat arbitrary promise.

I'd still love to see submissions from those of you who keep telling me you can't wait to do it - you know who you are  :-)

So...  I suppose I'll be signing off for today.  Perhaps for the weekend.  I'm feeling rather under the weather and definitely like I haven't had enough sleep in the last month.  See you soon.


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