Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Time.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

The "eve" has always held a special place in my heart - more special than the day, to be honest.

I love the candlelight service and the Silent Night singing and the anticipation you can almost taste hanging in the air.

My daughter is sick and parked on the couch watching Diego so I'm here contemplating.  I should probably be de-toxing the house, washing sheets, cleaning counter-tops, and the like, but downtime is sacred and contemplation is short-lived around here.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to make a nice dinner and ring in the Christmas Tide with a full sanctuary and beautiful candles dancing in in chaotic unison.  Maybe tonight I'll bake some cookies and decorate them with icing.  I am thankful to have my husband home from work today and tomorrow, a warm home as I hear the wind beating at the back door, and hot food I can count on.  My heart is filled with gratitude from the year passed.  My life has been through so many sometimes painful but always beautiful changes.  I am learning to embrace this Wabi Sabi world.

Today, for example, my daughter threw up (several times in a row as I carried her to the bathroom) at McDonalds.  We were at the homeschool Christmas party in our area.  I was covered in vomit, she was covered in vomit, and we were altogether pretty disgusting.

When we arrived in the restroom, there were no paper towels, only automatic hand dryers.  I felt paralyzed, holding my sobbing, puke covered toddler, her puke covered lovey, and all in my puke covered coat.

There was another woman in the bathroom wearing one of those Christmas sweaters.  You know the ones.  She took one look at us and said, "Let me help you.  I'll get you some napkins."

I was so filled with gratitude I couldn't even thank her at that moment.

She came back from the restaurant with a handful of napkins and she handed them to me one at a time as I cleaned off lovey, coat, pants, hair, two year old, and floor.

"Thank you so much."  I finally said.

"It's no problem at all."  She said, "It could have been me in here with my grandson.  I've been where you are.  You needed help and I could help you.  It's no problem."

I wanted to cry.  She was so kind.

I thanked her over and over again and she smiled kindly and told me it was no trouble at all.  She even got an employee to come with a mop as I tried to clean the puke from the bathroom floor myself.

As I left McDonalds I wished I had an address so I could send her a thank-you card.

Speaking of love - that woman showed it to me and mine in a huge way today.  Kindness is a beautiful thing.  I can't get enough, and I want to learn to GIVE more. 

What will you do this Christmas Eve?  Who has shown you love this season?  How will you give kindness back?

Blessings to you and yours.  May your Christmas Tide be filled with laughter, hugs, kindness, and love.

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