Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Open Letter to Yale President Richard C. Levin

Dear Mr. Levin,

I was dismayed to see evidence of Yale fraternity pledge week chants gone horribly wrong via this web page tonight when I arrived home from a meeting.

I am disgusted that a University with the prestige across the globe that Yale has managed to obtain would allow such undignified, offensive behavior.  I would expect a university that has so long led the nation in turning out the best and brightest would be the first to set the tone for respect amongst a community of learners, rather than cultivating a culture of fear.

How horrifying such a chant must have been for the women on your campus who have worked so hard to graduate with highest honors in order to attend this premier school of the Ivy League, and how terrible for them to have to endure such a thing ever again.

It is my plea that you will do the right thing in this situation and lead by example so that young women can feel safe and secure on their college campuses as they walk from dorm to classroom to cafeteria, even in the darkness of night.  The rape culture that the hateful speech demonstrated by the boys of DKE promotes is unlawful, frightening, and irresponsible on the part of the University Board.

Please take a stand for young women and for university culture for all persons wishing for a higher education in this country, and across the globe by punishing these boys as is their due.  These young men should attend classes so that they can understand the magnitude of their actions and perhaps be suspended from the school for a term, if not expelled.  Perhaps a good lesson for the boys of DKE would be sponsoring anti-rape sessions and clinics for others on campus. This fraternity should be held accountable for their contribution to campus rape culture and reprimanded thoroughly with the promise that they will not be welcome on your campus if such behavior continues.

As the University upheld for tuning our nations finest minds, I would hope that you would consider it your duty to uphold a safe learning culture where everyone is valued as a part of the intellectual community and no one has to feel that their lives and dignity are in danger as they cross campus in the evening or walk from their parked car to their dormatory at night.

Thank you for paving the way for safer campuses for women everywhere, and for upholding the highest standards in under and post graduate education.



Jeff said...

The girls in that dormitory should have come out and kicked their asses.

Missy said...


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