Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Stuff, Same Me.

Just wanted to let all of my readers know that I've been making a few changes around the site, and to explain them and encourage you to check them out.

I've added some new share options.  They should be pretty obvious, at the top of the page and under the title of each post. 

I've also added some tabs at the top of the blog-site:

Blog Store:  This tab will take you to R.J.'s CafePress store where you can check out super cool R.J. merchandise including bags, stickers, hoodies, and t-shirts.

About Juliet:  This tab explains the purpose of the blog for new readers or readers who just want a refresher on why we're here.

Must Reads:  This is a list of those blogs I feel are most poignant among the blogs I have written to date.  Some are blogs I hoped would touch people.  Some I wanted to put out there to give hope.  Some simply give a better understanding to the purpose of the blog or the backstory behind things we discuss frequently.

The Writer:  This tab is my bio.  It include a picture and some things about me you may or may not know and gives some insight into my personal life and background.

I'm going to plug this thing shamelessly here, because blogging is something about which I've become pretty passionate over the past two years or so.  I maintain three blogs about varying topics, but this is the blog that I think is the most important when it comes to the "blogosphere".  I've had a lot of comments in the past about how my posts may have helped someone, or how much someone appreciated my honesty.  Those comments have been heart-warming and wonderful to hear.  Those are the things that keep bloggers writing.  This time, I'm asking, if you haven't before, if you would consider inviting some of your friends and family members to read this blog.  I feel like it's at a place where it's equipped to reach more people and to acclimate them quickly to what we're trying to do.  I also feel like this is a really important time.  With bullying at the forefront of the news and the minds or the American people, we need some more hope in the world.  We need more people banding together to help each other.  For me, it's about girls.  It's about helping them to pick themselves up.  Helping them to find friends who really care.  Helping them to know that they are LOVED.  That they are VALUED.  If you know you're valuable, bullies can't touch you.  Bullies use their words to break you down and hurt you and make you feel like you are worthless.  That's how they win.  When you know that they're full of it you can stand up for yourself.  You can dare to be brave.  You can dare to tell someone who can do more than you can. 

Thanks to all of you for sharing this blog and passing the word along.  Dear Reader: you ARE valuable.  Never forget it.

- Missy

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