Saturday, September 18, 2010


A fellow blogger always publishes "Inspiration Monday" blogs.  I suppose today is Inspiration Saturday, for me, because it's one of those days where I just feel...human.  And not human.  Like my spirit is in tune with the rest of my being. 

In the spirit of The Organic Sister's Inspiration Monday blogs, I'm going to publish a little inspiration of my own:

1.  Teaching my acting class this morning - meeting a new slew of students - some I know and some I don't - I just love teaching.  It's part of me.  I thought that after I quit teaching in the public school system I wouldn't need to teach more - that somehow the teaching bug had to do with a specific circumstance.  Not so.  Teaching is teaching, and I love it.  It helps to also love your subject matter.  Teaching acting is the purest, most beautiful blend of  my passions.  I just so love acting classes.  I forget this sometimes.  I didn't want to teach this class, to be honest.  I wanted more free time, I wanted to get out from under this feeling over being overwhelmed and overbooked.  We needed the money though, so I decided to go ahead through with it, and of course here I am feeding my own passions with something that somewhere in my brain I'd decided would be drudgery. 

2.  Brenda's house.  I didn't have enough people sign up for the class to hold it at the theatre where I'd hoped it would be, so we're having the class at the home of one of my students.  Brenda is seventy years old and hails from England.  Her home is fantastic.  It's gabled on the outside, but it's the inside that's stunning.  On the bay, the view is gorgeous, there are so many little rooms that I don't know if I could count them.  Nooks and corners everywhere.  Books lining all of the walls, interspersed with African drums and lovely artwork - everything so carefully thought out, so lovingly collected.  The spirit of the house is peaceful.  Being there makes me feel inspired, joyful, and at peace.

3.  Bagels from Panera.  Somehow going out to eat makes me feel human.  Not just going to McDonalds - but going somewhere that feels like it's got some culture - somewhere I can clutch a coffee cup and feel the threads of a hand-made wool sweater wrapped around my wrist while I inhale the soft steam wafting up from the hot drink's surface.  I got a baker's dozen for my class this morning.  Gosh, just saying "baker's dozen" makes me feel warm inside.

4.  Beautiful music.  I'm listening to Pandora and gosh I just love music.  Sometimes I forget about my love affair with that particular art form.  I have never especially excelled in the area of music because I don't make time to practice the way I should.  I play a little fiddle and classical piano and I have a fair voice in the contraolto/belter range.  But no matter how skilled I am at any of those things, I do adore being around music.  Hearing music and playing music and just the emotion coming straight from someone else's soul and resting on mine - there's something so sacred about that sort of intimacy - it can happen over the radio - that intimacy with an artist's heart.  Nothing quite like music to inspire emotion, passion... 

5.  My son's birthday party.  It was last night and he had some friends over.  We tie dyed.  I haven't done that since camp when I was about twelve years old. It's so much fun!  And we sprayed the kids' hair with glitter hair spray with color added (it washes right out) - it was a BLAST to see how excited they were about their creations and the colored hair and the bubbles we blew outside at the end of the party and the sidewalk chalk we used on the front pathway and to see the smile on my boy's face to be in the midst of people - he LOVES to be with people - made all the work and heartache and fuss completely worth it.

6.  The angle of the sunlight streaming into my home from the windows.  I can tell it is so close to Autumn.  The colors outside, the blueness of the sky - how the light from the lower angle of the sun pours into the stairwells of my sometimes very dark house.  So reflective of my current heartspace.  

Thanks for the inspiration for this blog, Tara (The Organic Sister).  The world seems somehow a more vibrant place to me today.


~Tara said...


This totally made me smile. And I don't care if it's Saturday, you'd better link this up on Monday! ;)

Missy said...

:-) Will do :-)

Cynthia said...

oooh, so many things that I am nodding my head and saying, "yeah, I love that too!"

Houses with nooks and corners! Just love those. I live in a mobile home, everything is square, square, square. But I try to create little spaces.

Bagels from Panera! Our favorite is the cinnamon crunch bagel ... and I love mine with the hazelnut cream cheese.

And Pandora is the best. I have discovered so many great new artists from there.

thanks for sharing your inspiration ... doesn't have to be Monday ... inspiration is timeless.

Missy said...


Cinnamon Crunch bagels are the BEST!

Anonymous said...

#'s 3, 4, and 6 - I completely concur! :)
And yes, cinnamon crunch are the very best! Especially with a chai tea latte - and yes - it does make you feel human! Add a great book and viola, bliss! ;)

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