Friday, August 6, 2010

Mary Kay: Enriching Women's Lives.

I think that the Mary Kay marketing campaign is brilliant.

Who doesn't want an enriched life?  We ALL want to say we lived life to the fullest.  Our life was RICH.

Now.  I know that Mary Kay offers "much more than make-up", but the fact is, they are a make-up company.  Make-up sales drive their marketing.  Make-up is where they started.

Don't worry, this isn't me knocking make-up (though I advocate going without at least once a week, just for kicks: No Make-Up Monday) - but it is me knocking the slogan.

Again, I admit it's genius.

But it hurts me.

Make-up is not a life enrichment tool.

Argue with me all you want.  Maybe you think make-up is the way you get dates or have fun or whatEVER.  The fact is - while I understand it for it's merits in self-expression and hiding the curling iron burn on your neck so people stop asking if it's a hicky - you can have just as much fun without make-up - and more time to have it!

If you want to have a more fulfilling, enriched life, go out and play!  Hike, run, take a walk, go swimming, go skydiving, read a good book, host a BBQ and meet some new people in your neighborhood, hug your kids, go to the theatre, be in a play, dance in the rain, go to the Drive-In, try a new recipe, visit a new place - but PLEASE don't think that buying make-up from Mary Kay will enrich your life, or anyone else's.  It's a product.  Their job is to sell it.  They're doing a great job at their job.  Your job is to live a fulfilling life that God can be proud of and you can look back on with fondness and grace.  Those moments that make your life more full, those moments when God smiles - they depend nothing on "having your face on".

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