Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wit. Chapter Five.

It is closing weekend.

After all of the frustration it is now I look back and of course, as always, it was all worth it (okay, maybe not always, but the vast majority of the time).

It's not so much my involvement with the show.  I have some talent as a director and God pulls me through.  I can NOT do it on my own, and the more I remember that the better off I am - and the people around me are as well.

The thing that makes it worth it isn't always looking at the product and feeling that it is overall, quality.  The thing that makes it worth it is theatre people in general.

It's just a different breed that makes up a theatre person.  Something about that bonding magic that happens in a show makes me go back time and time again.  It's the community.  It's the trust that is created amongst a group of people over a very short period of time.  I think that's why I often look back on high school with longing and feel that those relationships can't be reproduced as far as the level of bonding I had with those people.  We were in shows together.  Several, in fact.  You bond with people on such an intimate level in the theatre.  You are required to trust those who are in the show with you implicitly, even if you don't know them all that well.  Your fate, as it were, is in their hands.  If they forget a line, or change something, or you forget a line, or someone's lapel is messed up or someone drops a pen - we depend on one another to get through those moments.  We pray that the other actors will bail us out - will reach out and catch us before we take a fateful step off the stage into the orchestra pit when the lights blind us at that pivotal moment.

Everyone works together - the technicians, the actors, the stage manager, the director, the producer - everything flows together and if one part is missing things fall apart.

I have really enjoyed working on this show in spite of the several mental breakdowns accompanying the last few weeks before the curtain rose.  When it all comes together... there is not much that can top that feeling.

In the end, again, I have learned a great deal about myself and the world and the people around me, and it was, for a majority of the process, time well spent.

Dawna Diaz as Dr. Vivian Bearing in W;t, by Margaret Edson. 
Read the review here.

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