Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today while I was running on the treadmill at the drill hall where my husband works, I got to thinking about a lot of things.

This probably has something to do with the fact that I read Romans yesterday in its entirety and actually got something out of it for maybe the first time ever (never understood what the big deal was about that book before) and also with the fact that I was running on the treadmill, which is decidedly boring, and the boredom was intensified because the guy next to me turned on Versus Bass Pro Fishing, so there was truly nothing but my mind and God to while away the time.

It got me thinking about a bunch of things - running on the treadmill, thinking about Paul's letters to the Early Church, trying to open my mind to anything old thing God wanted to say to me...  maybe this is all God talking - maybe not, I'll hash it out here and we'll figure it out together.

I got to thinking about my hair.

I actually might need to grow it out again.  Not because I want to - because I don't - at all.  My personal plan for my hair is to keep it just this short until it's mostly grey, and then grow it out long - because grey hair is gorgeous, in my humble opinion, and I want to take full advantage of something I consider to be a gift of age.  The reason is because I think God might want me to.

I'm not taking this as definitely God's Word right now, because well - mostly because I'm hoping it isn't - but I think there might be something in there.  I don't think it means that I won't cut it this short again, but I do think it means something about obedience, and not always having to know "why".  This is hard for me - so I'm thinking I'll shave it one more time and see what happens.  Maybe this is great foolishness, not sure about that, so pray for me that I'll get a clearer message, I suppose.

Regardless - of course after I heard God hint at the hair thing I got to thinking about why in the world that would be, and I remembered about how hair is sort of like a veil.  And then I got to thinking about Reading Lolita in Tehran and how the veil was this hot button issue in Iran and still is - how it's the law - you HAVE to wear it, and they say it's for the protection of their women.

The feminist in me rears up and snarls at the idea that hiding a woman's beauty would be for her own good - but you have to hand it to them - it probably would make for less victims.  Yet the truth of the matter remains - the veil thing shouldn't have to exist for the protection of women.  It shouldn't be necessary to protect them because people should be jerks and control freak psychos and go around raping people or harassing them otherwise.  That's something that needs to simply go away.  (I know this is unrealistic, but a girl can dream, alright?)

In spite of the whole protection thing I am starting to see the real beauty of the veil - the whole idea of the veil in it's most pure form.

There was a veil to hide God in the Tabernacle.  In the Holy of Holies in the Temple, there was a veil.  A great curtain to separate the people from the Lord because he IS simply too awesome to behold - and I use the term "awesome" deliberately in this case.  The veil was a symbol of purity and holiness.  It says something about a woman when she has a veil.

It's no mistake that exotic women in old movies often had veils.  That Jeannie had one on I Dream of...  Something about that hiddenness makes a woman more attractive.  You just KNOW that under that veil there is something beyond your imagination in beauty.  And maybe this is the thing about hair.

Maybe women wear their hair because it is a little bit of innocence that we can hold onto.  Maybe the hair is something that shows there is something deeper - below the surface.

I think about the veil and I think about how our bodies are temples for the Holy Spirit and I wonder if maybe having long hair is something of a symbol about that.  Keeping our body in shape, long hair - I don't know.

Just something I've been pondering a lot today.  Thought maybe you'd like to join me and we could ponder together.


Summer said...

I do find this an interesting concept. One that I would like to delve into in person- well.. just because.

Anyway- let me know when you wanna do coffee and we will. :D

Dawna said...

Covered or hiding? I think your hair can cover you to the point of hiding you. You can be hidden underneath concerns of maintenance, upkeep, the styling, the color, the shape...and for what? To please others, or yourself. What's hidden underneath is what God may be after. The inner beauty that is you - without the outward trappings or coverings. It's not what everyone else is doing or thinking - it's what He's created you to be and do that He is after.
He will be your covering, your strength, your protection...He is the lover of your soul and may want to show you His vision of you - Unadorned, unburdened, and Holy.
What a great gift....

Missy said...


I totally agree that hair could be something to hide behind. There is definitely beauty in not having any - and yes - I agree about God as protection - TOTALLY. Just not sure what God is trying to tell me lately. Interesting thoughts.

rchamelin said...

All to remind me of back when with john the baptist was born, his mother dedicated him to god by not cutting his hair,wounder where the orgins of that came as the sacrofice of dedication. Maybe your answer lays there. Might be a good question for pastor john for this sunday

Missy said...

It comes from the Old Testament, the Nazarite pledge - not cutting your hair as a dedication to God is an ancient for of outward sign of inward commitment.

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