Friday, March 5, 2010

Contest :-)

I feel that this is very unlike me...

but I am in need of good cheer.


Here is the contest.

Answer the following questions in a comment:

What does it mean to you to be a woman?

Men are welcome to participate as well, though, obviously your answers will differ in that they'll be somewhat less person, except in certain cases...but we won't go into that here. We've talked enough about transgender for awhile.

I'll be checking out all the comments and choosing one to feature in my next blog. That person and their comment will win a fabulous fan bag:


I'll contact the commenter and through email we'll connect on how to get you your brand new bag.
Looking forward to the responses...heck, maybe no one will respond and I'll get to keep the bag for myself...

If you really just can't make the effort to leave a comment, but you want one of these bags...or, you know, a hoodie or something, you can find them here.

Happy writing!

PS:  I will be taking stock of these comments Monday night, at the end of the this weekend.  


rchamelin said...

I will comment. My opinion though does reflect a family mom, but its an opinion and a view.
To be a women is to be the backbone. A women must be strong to survive in the societies of today but gentle enough to raise a family. In a family, a women is the one who is the glue or the backbone that holds a family together. She supports everyone in the family while putting her own needs aside. I once heard the phrase to teach a boy you teach a person, but to teach a girl, you teach a family. While the consirvitive part of me reinstates that as to teach a boy you help teach the providence of a family but to teach a girl you teachings will go on to their children. A women is a helper to all. She is the one who takes on too much to see her family survive. She is the one who connects to others. And she is the one who teaches her children and instructs them to have ethics and morals. Without women and our sensitivity, heartship,teachings, and instructions; I honestly think man kind would not survive(not refering to reproduction).
Thats the basics of what in my opinon of a women are.

I could go on and on, but my kids need me right this second.Hope it helps get your thing started

beth said...

Cool idea!
For me, the fact that I am a woman is extremely important to me. I have never wished I were a boy (well, except maybe when stopping on a long trip, to pee by the side of the road!); I always wanted to be a girl and a mom, and bought into the whole princess thing 100%. But only in my middle age have I felt really what it means to be "fulfilled as a woman". This is probably because I struggled so much with self-image, self-esteem, and self-confidence as a young woman. Now that I am almost fifty, my four children grown, my husband and I have spent half our lives together, and I have returned to school, do I really feel the happiness of coming into my own, and for me, it is all about being a woman.
The previous post to this one says a profound thing: women are the glue. They are the backbone. Women do this whether they are moms or not, but the most eloquent picture is that of a mother,tired, worried, cranky, who puts all that aside for the needs of someone else.Men do these things, but they do them out of their strength; women often do them through weakness and pain.
Of course, not all women are this way; but those who aren't prove the rule by being the exception. I have grown more as a human being in the last four to five years, since I have made friends of other women in my community, than in the ten years before. Being a woman means that I am the beating heart of the people around me. I am their comfort when distressed; I am ready to laugh, always, with them in their triumphs. I can speak truth in love, not just coldly; I can discipline with empathy, not iron.
I can hug anybody...seriously, I mean ANYBODY.I will question myself incessantly, "did I do the right thing there?" but I will not look back, once committed to someone I love.
Though I may have a thousand different talents, the one thing that I have as a woman, is that I give life. I give it in speaking, helping, praying, and out of my own flesh. I am not afraid of spending my own personal capital.
I cannot imagine not being a woman.Everything I do and everyone I care about is grounded in this fact.I embrace it with great gladness!

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