Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And the winner is...

Rachel C.!

Thanks so much to all who responded to the question:  "What does being a woman mean to you." 

The winning response is below:

"To be a woman is to be the backbone. A woman must be strong to survive in the societies of today but gentle enough to raise a family. In a family, a woman is the one who is the glue that holds a family together. She supports everyone in the family while putting her own needs aside. I once heard the phrase: to teach a boy you teach a person, but to teach a girl, you teach a family. While the conservative part of me reinstates that as to teach a boy you help teach the providence of a family but to teach a girl you teachings will go on to their children. A women is a helper to all. She is the one who takes on too much to see her family survive. She is the one who connects to others. And she is the one who teaches her children and instructs them to have ethics and morals. Without women and our sensitivity, hardship,teachings, and instructions; I honestly think man kind would not survive(not refering to reproduction).  That's the basics of what in my opinion, women are."

Thanks again to all who commented  :-)

- Missy


Jesse said...

Rachel wins merch, do you have any of your own yet?

Missy said...

haha - no, I don't. Funny but true.

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