Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hair Cuts.

Every time I get my hair cut I think a lot about why I'm doing this.

The reasons sort of change as I change.

My husband cuts my hair for me. I can't see the back - it's really quite a pain to do yourself. I sit in the bathtub in my underwear while he shaves my head. Hair falls all around me. Covers my arms and legs and feet. I sit there and think and stare at my knees.

I have grown very much accustomed to the shaved head look. I've grown accustomed to the stares and find them much less offensive and much more humorous now. Most people who know me feel like this look fits me better than the hair I had before.

Plus it's fuzzy when you touch it :-)

I have been thinking a little since reading a new blog about growing out my hair into dreads. My friend Elizabeth explicitly told me when she sent me the link to the blog that I should NOT grow my hair into dreads... I guess she figured I'd go there...

I know that hair maintenance isn't really for me. Before shaving my head I couldn't find a style I liked. I wasn't very good at fixing my hair. I just found it to be in the way most of the time.

With the head shaving all of that is gone, but I do have to cut my hair every 2 - 3 weeks to keep it this way. THAT part of the maintenance has increased by a LOT. With long hair with long layers and grown out bangs, I didn't have to get my hair cut very often at all. I really despise salons. I hate having to make conversation with a stylist I don't know at all. I'd rather just sit there and be quiet. I know they are supposed to make conversation, but I'm SO bad at small talk. I'm always just embarrassed and can't wait to go home - not to mention the expense of a visit. So...I avoid it. Always have.

With dreads - I feel like the cutting could be avoided along with the styling and whatnot.

Another friend of mine said that dreads are really high maintenance. She probably knows. She's had everything in her hair from the shaved head thing to a mo-hawk and everything in between and all around on all sides of the gender spectrum. Maybe I should sit down and chat with her a bit about it.

I'm also not sure how I'd look with dreads. Yes. I care about how I look. I can't help it. It's inborn. Even if other people think I look like a freak I at least want to feel like what I'm looking at in the mirror reflects who I am in my head. I really LIKE how I look with no hair. Dreads might be a whole new world of interesting...

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Family of Movers said...

I have dreads, I like your hair journey. I have a hair journey. So much of a woman is wrapped up in her hair and it's ridiculous. I have always loved dreads and beads. I don't know how I will look with a shaved head. Not as pretty as you! People are very accepting here in Boulder though. I am excited I still get to change the color of my hair with dreads.

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